A profile of commercial adventure tourism participants in South Africa

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Once a small, niche, and relatively exclusive, adventure tourism has now become accessible to the masses. Although much research exists on the extent and nature of changes to the industry itself, little research has investigated the profile of participants in the commercialized sector. In South Africa, adventure tourism has become a major contributor to local economic development in many small towns and a clear conceptualization of participants is needed to ensure effective and sustainable development. This study found that the majority of characteristics demonstrated in previous conceptualizations of the “adventure tourist” have changed. These changes are significant and should be considered both in general discussions of the current state of adventure tourism, as well as in marketing and management strategies and future development of adventure tourism operations.

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Publication statusPublished - 2 Jan 2018


  • Adventure tourism
  • South Africa
  • commercialization
  • commodification
  • tourist characteristics

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