A comparative analysis of Donald Bradman and Steven Smith: What are their secrets?

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There has been growing evidence on the batting backlift technique in cricket at varying levels of cricket ability and the way in which batsmen direct or manoeuvre their bat in various ways. Most recently, there has been elevated awareness and discussion around the technique of Steven Smith. To an extent, there has been some comparison and reference been made to Sir Donald Bradman. Both Donald Bradman and Steven Smith have exhibited techniques and movements at the crease which many regard as a € unorthodox' or a € unnatural'. This paper compares each of the batting technique components of both batsmen. The paper describes that both Bradman and Smith held their bat with an open grip which allowed them to hit the ball in most scoring areas of the field. The most common element that both batsmen demonstrate is a backlift that is directed towards the gulley or point region, otherwise known as the rotary method of batting, which is contrary to most of the coaching literature. Future research would require objective measures on Steven Smith to fully understand the kinetics and kinematics associated with his batting technique. The variances of performance averages across other formats (one-day internationals and 20-20 cricket) must be noted.

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