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    Spectrum, the Faculty of Science's Central Analytical Facility is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to the solution of analytical challenges in academic research.

    The floor space it occupies has since more than quadrupled and it has a staff of 6 instrument scientists, who provide both theoretical and practical training to post-graduate students and frequently contribute expertise to project proposals.

    The laboratory is accessible 24/7 to competent users to optimize the use of instruments and available time. Approximately 155 staff members and students use the Facility annually.

    It has grown to a well-equipped laboratory with 19 pieces of analytical equipment, offering 15 diverse and complementary techniques to the staff and post-graduate students of the Faculty of Science at UJ, other tertiary institutions and the private sector.

    Within the Faculty the experimental sciences share ownership of the Facility and have made considerable contributions to its expansion by applying for equipment grants, contributing funds to upgrade/replace equipment, using its availability to showcase their expertise and assisting in their grant applications.

    Our vision is to be a world-class analytical facility for South African scientists.

    Our mission is to offer superior training and assistance to staff/students in the Faculty of Science in order to increase the quality of training of students and assist researchers to optimize their research outputs with quality analytical data.

    The Analytical Facility does not present academic programs. It does, however, significantly enhance the quality of training in the experimental sciences. Students are individually trained in both the theory and practice of their chosen analytical techniques as required by their specific research goals. They are in the fortunate position to understand the underlying principles of analysis and are aware of the various intricacies and anomalies inherent in scientific analysis, which gives them a clear edge over scientists analysing data from an anonymous source.

    Ad hoc training is on an individual basis or in small groups and users are permitted to work independently as soon as they reach a required level of expertise.


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