Panalytical X-PertPro X-Ray Diffractometer

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    SPECTRUM offers comprehensive solutions for a broad range of X-ray diffraction applications used to identify and characterise the crystal structure of crystalline materials. Typical applications include qualitative phase identification and quantification, semi-quantitative analysis using the Rietveld refinement technique and thin film analyses in the electronic field. Our older Philips PW1729 diffractometer is equipped with modern software and is used mainly for qualitative phase identification where analysis time is not important. Our state-of-the-art PANalytical X-PertPro X-Ray diffractometer, fitted with a high speed detector termed the Celerator¡, allows rapid phase identification in only a few minutes, rather than lengthy periods in the previous range of XRD¡’s.

    Equipped with:

    Cu Anode
    Hybrid Incident Beam Monochromator
    Programmable divergence slit
    15 Sample automatic sample changer
    Diffracted Beam Monochromator
    X’Celerator Detector
    Anton Paar HTK1200 heating stage
    Capillary stage

    Applications at SPECTRUM:

    Crystalline phase identification
    Characterisation of crystalline phase changes with changes in temperature (up to 1000oC) in both air or inert atmospheres (with HTK 1200 heating stage)


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