Bruker Ascend 500 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

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    SPECTRAU offers comprehensive solutions for a broad range of research and analytical requirements utilising our Bruker Ascend 500 NMR system.

    Equipped with:

    500Hz magnet
    5 Gauss – radial distance from magnetic center
    Cryogen savings (% of less He consumption)
    Operation field at 11.7 Tesla
    Advanced External Disturbance Suppression (EDS™) for dramatic reduction of magnetic field perturbations
    Signal Generation Unit for 4 channels, for generation of phase, amplitude, and frequency using Direct Digital Synthesis
    Gradient Controller for simultaneous control of up to three magnetic field gradients with real time generation of gradient shapes
    Pre-cooling and stabilization accessor

    Applications at SPECTRUM:

    The elucidation of complex structures performed through the standard direct observation (1D and 2D) technique while indirect detection (HMBC and HSQC) is also available


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